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  • Active Shooter
  • Tornado
  • Thunderstorm
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Abducted Child
  • Missing Child
  • What else do we need messaging for?

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION SYSTEM OUTLINE – Tracking system for vendors and members that are onsite. Required upgrade to the Pass Offices software for creating vendor passes (currently we’re working with a cobbled together system).

Saffire has agreed to build the basic part of this system for FREE. The extra manpower items have NOT been discussed yet with Saffire and probably should wait until we are fully decided.


All contact data that is entered into this system could be for emergency notifications and other general communication needs can could be sent.

Lost child (picture of the child) and other more routine needs could be Broadcast Messaged to only those people that are onsite at the time of the need.

  • Upgrade the Pass office registration process
    • Require contact information at the time of badge receipt of a vendor
      • The contact information could eventually be expanded to require a Social Security number to allow for background checks or other security related needs. This is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be needed but the option or options like it would be present.
    • QR Codes generated by Saffire will be on each badge
    • all Vendors will be scanned onto the property each day
      • This data will tell us who is onsite at any given moment
  • Upgrade the Members timeclock
    • QR Codes generated by Saffire will be on each badge
    • This tracking system will be managed by Saffire through their system
    • All Members will continue to scan into the system each day
      • This data will tell us who is onsite at any given moment
      • This would be the volunteer hours tracking system
    • This system could be linked to Manpower to show where each person is or is not onsite somewhere
      • A button could be added at clock in to designate where that person is scheduled to work that day
      • The man power schedule could be routed through this system
        • The signup form for scheduling manpower could be a digital web form that is linked to this tracking system allowing for general control of manpower
      • The display TV in the members building could be a direct feed of this system
    • System would display hours worked to date, members name, all punches, total points calculated, etc. as needed by Manpower¬†

This is an example of the type of form that could be used to gather contact data:

Emergency Broadcast Notification Signup

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